Berkeley Hutsebout is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mishawaka, Indiana on Potawatomi and Myaamia land. She studied psychology and photography at Santa Monica College, CA and holds a BFA in Craft/Drawing and Painting from Oregon College of Art and Craft (2015) where she also studied printmaking and fiber art. She has shown work in group and solo exhibits along the West Coast and throughout Indiana, notably in the Hammes gallery at Saint Mary's College and at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture.

Artist Statement

I explore identity, spiritual nature and the interplay between the mind and body while seeking to visually translate the human condition. I am inspired by the ritual of craft and am attracted to repetitive processes as tools for navigating the Self; painting, printmaking, and fiber coexist within my work and take shape according to the conceptual needs of each piece. Drawing from my hands-on experience with herbalism, somatic therapy, and as a ceremonialist, I embrace a holistic practice through nonlinear inquiry. With this approach, my work oscillates between repetition and stillness, vibrant hues and monochrome, illustrative and abstract.

Contact at hello@berkeleyhutsebout.com

"If I don't grow lettuce, I can't write poems."
–Thich Nhat Hahn